A month ago we got invited to make a short documentary.  The brief was loose to say the least, "A film about someone who snowboards at night."  It's for a new energy drink and the Mojo campaign requires 3 films to be made, 2 of them documentary. Garth Davis and Glendyn Ivin from Exit Films are directing the other 2 films.

We had 1 month to deliver the doco and as of today we are 2 days away from the deadline!  It feels pretty incredible to have come this far in such a short time and it's the most intense experience I've had making a film but also it's been a great opportuntiy to do something verging on an experiment for the client.

The first hurdle was to find someone, somewhere.  We explored 'anywhere' with snow but since it's spring that was limited.  Alaska, Japan & Canada were obvious choices with Japan being the preference as it is close, only 2 hour time difference and they had one of their best seasons in years.  However we needed to find a character who was in the right location and we only had a week to find the character and get approval.

Jess Kimura & The Peep Show Girls popped up on Vimeo and were quick to follow up our calls.  We tracked Jess down in Austria and she was keen to be involved.  Jess is half Japanese and I had this idea that we could take her to Japan and make a portrait on her there but Jess had a competition on in Quebec so it was decided I would fly there and we would shoot in and around Quebec City with some of the rest of the Peep Show Girls.

The Shoot was intense.  I shot on the trusty 5d with our Red Rock hand held rig.  We had a battery light and a reflector board and that's about it.  Much of the shoot was in little to no light on a very narrow depth of field with moving subjects shot in minus degree temperatures and icy conditions, it really was an exercise in athleticism.

It would have been difficult to find somewhere further away than Quebec.  We flew Melbourne to Sydney to LA to Chicago to Quebec City shot for six days and then did the return leg in 36 hours.  All the footage needed trans-coding before we could cut it and so I had a day to catch up before the edit. 4 days later the Agency came in to review it and then 2 more days and we locked the cut off.  21 hours of footage cut down to 4 minutes in six days.  All the guys at The Butchery were fantastic and the Agency are very happy with the results.

I'll put up a link to it when it's available.